About Devaleena, and Devaleena Creations.


Devaleena’s career has been an eventful one, with many unexpected twists and turns on the way. Her fashion journey began when she started designing handmade custom items for tourists. Products such as table linen, tea-cosies, sling bags etc. embroidered with traditional motifs such as the Amaltaas flower, different kinds of birds and fish which were meant to lend a storybook feel to the item, animal motifs, the Taj inlay motif which would instantly remind the traveller of India, were some of her popular designs which were widely appreciated. Gradually, after orders started to pile up, Devaleena finally decided to take the plunge and start her own garment business.

Devaleena Creations had a humble beginning with just one sewing machine and a handful of artisans. Initially, she catered to retail brands but soon she started her own Concept Clothing line. With her fashion industry background as an Alumni of NIFT and her in-depth technical knowledge she soon incorporated prints into her designs. Devaleena also had a lot of help from her mother who taught her different kinds of embroidery stitches and techniques. Like any new start-up, everything wasn’t as smooth sailing in the beginning but gradually Devaleena along with her dedicated team of artists, ironed out every little glitch.

Soon, Devaleena Creations was a huge success as they started expanding their business through various exhibitions and E-Commerce portals along with creating customized fashion for all her clients. Devaleena believes that each individual is unique and has their own story to tell. Similarly, the clothes that she creates has to be unique in idea and design to suit each customer’s taste and preference. Which is why she works around a central concept to develop her designs. All the motifs that are used in the garments and home décor items are created and developed entirely from scratch, keeping the concept in mind. Devaleena Creations is now the one-stop-solution for anyone who wants to customize their wardrobes or their homes.


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